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Appointment & Transfers


Sl. No. Title Download
1 Promotion order of Sri Bratindra Nath Banerjee, STA to the post of Statitical Officer Download
2 Verification Roll forms Download
3 Submission of PVR by the candidates recommended by PSC for the post of VO Download
4 Transfer Order of Sri Amlan Roy, ASL Download
5 Corrigendum of Notification No.1435-AR&AH dt.25.07.2018 Download
6 Notification No.1445-AR&AH dt.25.07.2018 Download
7 Transfer order of WBAH&VS No.1435 dt.25.07.2018 Download
8 Partial Modification of Transfer Order No.1284-AR&AH Download
9 Transfer order of WBAH&VS Download
10 Transfer order of Dr. Shib Sankar Soren,BLDO, Binpur-II Download
11 Engagement of Nodal Officer for 20th Livestock Census in West Bengal Download
12 Confirmation order in WBHAH&VS of Dr. T. K.Sadhukhan Download
13 Release order of Dr. Sibaji Patra, VO,DVH, Howrah Download
14 Appointment order to the post of Assistant Purchase Officer, Haringhata Farm Download
15 Appointment order on promotion of WBHAHS Download
16 Transfer order of WBHAHS Download
17 Appointment order of Director of AH&VS Download
18 Extension of Service of Dr. Subhankar Bhattacharyya Download
19 Confirmation order of Dr. Dipankar Halder, VO, ABAHC, Bongaon Download
20 Appointment order of Dr. Achintya Mahanti, Ex-VO, BAHC, Jamboni Download