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Public Relation Cell

Animal Resources Development Department

Prani Sampad Bhawan

LB-2, Sector-III, Salt Lake City

Kolkata-700 098





Right To Information








Shri Ashok Kr. Pal

O.S.D. & Ex-officio Special Secretary & Appellate Authority

Animal Resources Development Department

                                                                      Phone No.03323351156

                                                                      Mobile No.9331275503

                                                                      Fax No.



Sri Tanvir Afzal

O.S.D. & E.O. Deputy secretary & S.P.I.O.

Animal Resources Development Department

                                                                       Phone No.03323351186

                                                                       Mobile No.9331275505

                                                                       Fax No.




Animal Resources Development Department

Prani Sampad Bhawan

LB-2, Sector-III, Salt Lake City

Kolkata-700 098



Information in respect of Seventeen Point Manuals as described under section 4(1)(b) of Right to Information Act 2005.




Structure of the

Sector / Department


Special Secretary

 M.C. & E.O.   J.S. & Joint Secretary

O.S.D. &   Ex-officio Dy. Secretary

Assistant Secretary 

Section Officer

Head Assistant




Process Flow

of the


Documents are put   up on concerned file by DA

Submitted to S.O. /   H.A.

      Submitted to   Assistant Secretary / O.S.D. & Ex-officio Dy. Secretary

           Submitted to Joint Secretary &   M.C. & E.O. J.S.

 Special Secretary

      Submitted to  Secretary

Subsequently placed   as Agenda for Authority Meeting where necessary.


i)  The   Establishment Wing is one of the most important Wings of

Provided by the


                   A.R.D. Department located   at 2nd floor of Block-III,   Writers' Buildings, Kolkata-700001. This wing is lead by

                   Joint Secretary   (Establishment), under the overall administrative control of Secretary., A.R.D.   Department. The following works are entrusted with this wing :-


                   1)   Acting Arrangement, Payment of different bills,  

                           Circulation of Important orders and other Establishment  



                   2)   Pension, Pay protection / CAS, work as   Assistant of

                           D.D.O., G.P.F. Advance.


                   3)   Supply order for stationery articles,   Record & different

                           entries and verification in the Service Book, entry in the        

                           Service Book, Circulation of Important orders,  

                         APR/ACR of the staff of this   Department, Matter 

                           related to the Loan/Advance of G.P.F. advance for  

                         Group   'B'.


                     4)  WBHS, '08 in respect of the   Staff and Pensioners of this     

                           Department, Office Tour/L.T.C. & Assembly Pass / Car  



                     5)   Reference work of   Sectt.(Estt.) Branch, Circulation of  

                           important orders, Liveries & G.P.F. for Group 'D' staff.


                     6)   Identity Card &   Telephone Bill.




1)         The power and duties of its Officers and Employees are based on West Bengal Secretariat Service act and other relevant orders and circulars issued by the Finance      Department from time to time.

2)         In the event of decision making process including channels, supervision and  accountability the A.C.S. is the Sole Authority. But all files are routed through H.A./S.O. and Assistant Secretary (Estab.). The channel is given below :




Special Secretary 

M.C. & E.O. J.S. & Joint Secretary

 O.S.D. & E.O. Deputy Secretary

 Assistant Secretary 

S.O. / H.A.

 U.D.A. / L.D.A.



3)         All sorts of files, letters, applications/petitions, internal (external as are received are  docketed in the File Register/Letter Receipt Register as the case may be and then those are placed to the respective Staff concerned as per instruction/order of the  Superior Officer for further action in the matter. Files are opened as and when required if there is no such relevant file and the matters are put in the respective Files  by the Dealing Assistant. There after decisions are taken through the channel as stated Para-III above and implemented by this wing according to the orders passed by the higher authority.


4)         The employees under this cell discharge their functions in accordance with West Bengal Service rules, other relevant G.P.F. Regulation, Circulars, Orders, Notifications issued by the Authority from time to time.


5)         Finance Department's various orders as issued from time to time, C.A.S. order, other relevant orders of this Department and other Department, Circulars, Notifications  issued from this Wing (By the Authority) from time to time are preserved in this Wing. Besides the files (documents relating to the matters dealt with by this wing as  stated No. 1-6 against item No.(i) are also available in this Office.


6)         No such arrangement appears to exist in this wing as the matters being dealt with here are all related to the Service matters in respect of employees of this Department.


7)         There is no separate Board/Committee exclusively for Establishment Wing. Decision  relating to this wing is taken by the Superior Officers of this Department.


8)         List of officers and employees showing their duties is enclosed separately.


9)         The officers and employees of this Wing get salary in each month in accordance with their scale of pay and medical allowance and D.A. as are given/modified from time to time.


10)       Annual Budget expenditure of this wing is prepared by this Department and sent to  the Finance Department for approval.


11)       The Establishment Wing deals with Establishment matters/Service matters in respect of officers and staff of this Department and does not deal any other matter i.e. programme beyond Establishment issues.


12)       This Wing issues 'N.O.C.' for obtaining Loan from different Notionalised Banks or  any other Financial Institutions for the purpose of House Building/Purchase of Flat       etc. only in favour of officers and staff of this Department.


13)       Till date no such system appears to have been developed.


14)       This Wing is not concerned.


15)       Information relating to the works as delineated against Sl. No. 1-6 against item No.(i)       above may be available from this Wing on prior approval of the higher authority.




List of Officers and Staff of Establishment wing, A.R.D. Department with their duties and Telephone numbers.


                                                                                                                        Telephone No.

1)         Sri Rajeev Kumar, I.A.S.                        Secretary                                     033-23351152

2)         Sri A.K. Pal, W.B.C.S.(Exe.)             O.S.D. & E.O. Spl. Secy.                      033-23351156

3)         Sri Dibakar Mukherjee, I.A.S.            M.C. & E.O. Jt. Secy.                          033-23351116

4)         Sri Srikumar Chakraborty,W.B.C.S.   Joint Secretary                                    033-23351181


5)        Sri Tanvir Afzal W.B.C.S.(Exe.)    O.S.D. & E.O. Dy. Secy.                             033-23351186

6)         Sri Swapan Bag, W.B.S.S.                 Assistant Secretary                            033-23351143

            Substitute .......................


(i)         Sectt.

(ii)        Public Grievance

(iii)       Training/Seminar/Workshop within & outside state.

(iv)       Other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

(v)        Annual Administrative Report.



7)         Smt. Susmita Banerjee, Section Officer   ---              Leave

            Substitute       ---        Sri Mohan Lal Hazra.


            (i) Acting arrangement, (ii) Payment of different bill, (iii) Pension, (iv) Pay             protection/CAS, (v) GPF Advance, (vi) W.B.H.S. - 2008, (vii) Matters regarding        hired vehicles, (ix) Medical reimbursement, (x) APR/ACR of the staff of this Deptt.,            (xi) Other establishment matters.


8)         Sri Joydev Guin, U.D.A., Leave Substitute Sri Achyutananda Chakraborty.


            (i) Establishment matters other than leave in respect of employees of this department.        (ii) Pension, (iii) Pay protection/C.A.S., (iv) Work Asstt. of D.D.O., (v) G.P.F.         Advance, (vi) Other establishment matters allotted to him.


9)         Smt. Haimanti Ghosh, U.D.A. Leave Substitute - Sri Indu Sekhar Roy.


            (i) Supply order for Stationary articles, (ii) Record of different entries and verification       in the Service Book, (iii) Service Book entry, (iv) Circulation of important orders.

            (v) A.P.R./A.C.R. of the Staff of this Department, (vi) Matters related to the         Loan/Advance, (vii) G.P.F. advance for Gr.'B', other Establishment matters.


10)       Sri Arindam Banerjee, U.D.A. Leave Substitute - Sri Joydev Guin.


            (i) Matters regarding hired vehicles/purchase of machine, (ii) Medical reimbursement         (Other than Health Scheme, 2008), (iii) Non Plan budget of this Department,

            (iv) Other Establishment works allotted to him.


11)       Faiz Ahmed Khan, U.D.A. Leave Substitute - Sri Kalyan Roy Chowdhury.


            (i) W.B.H.S. - 2008 in respect of staff and pensioners of this Department, (ii) Office         Tour/L.T.C., (iii) Assembly Pass/Car Stickers, (iv) Other Establishment matters.



12)       Sri Kalyan Roy Chowdhury, L.D.A. Leave Substitute - Faiz Ahmed Khan.


            (i) Matters related W.B.H.S.-2008 in respect of the staff of this department, other             Establishment matters as may be assigned by the authority from time to time.


13)       Sri Suman Chowdhury, L.D.A. Leave Substitute - Sri Indu Sekhar Roy.


            (i) Reference & work of Sectt. (Estt.) Branch, (ii) Circulation of important orders, (iii)       Liveries, (iv) G.P.F. for Group 'D' of the Establishment matters.


14)       Sri Indu Sekhar Roy, L.D.A. Leave Substitute - Sri Suman Chowdhury.


            (i) Telephone Bill, (ii) Leave matters, (iii) Identity Card, other Establishment matters         as may be assigned by the authority from time to time.


15)       Sri Shymal Das, R.S.


            Record Keeping and supply of files.


16)       Sri Manas Roy, Group 'D'.


17)       Sri Partha Das, Group 'D'.