Why Frozen Meat / Meat products?
  • There are a lot of differences lies between meat and muscle. Just after slaughter, the carcass flesh is muscle, which is converted to meat through a series of auto-catalytic chemical reaction under controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Available in different sizes and amounts, as per the requirement.
  • Ready to cook / ready to eat.
  • Awesome snack item easily prepared in household.
What is thawing and how the consumer should practice it in household?
  • 'Thawing' is the process of keeping the frozen meat / meat products in a temperature range higher than the freezing temperature and thereby defrost the ice present in the intracellular and extracellular space of meat tissue.
  • The meat / meat product should be taken out from deep freezer (-18°C) and kept in the refrigerator (0-4°C) at least for 4-5 hours before cooking.
  • You can also thaw the frozen product by keeping the wrapped pack under running water.
  • Once thawed the meat and meat products cannot be refrozen under any circumstances, otherwise it will deteriorate the meat quality.
Why meat products are now a days gaining so much popularity throughout the world?
  • Meat products such as emulsified (nuggets, sausages etc.), cured, smoked (ham, bacon (,) etc.), whole / retail cuts (drumstick, lollypop, wing, pork chop etc.) are gaining so much popularity worldwide because they taste good, have better nutritional quality in a balanced form, and have better keeping quality as they have undergone processing.
  • They are manufactured in a hygienic and wholesome environment and hence safe to consume.
  • They are being prepared according to demand/ choice pattern of the consumer in a specific region.
Are there any preservative/chemical added to any of 'Haringhata Meat?

No. Our products are prepared keeping concern to the safety of the consumer's health. No added Chemical preservatives/ flavouring agent / other chemicals are used in our meat products.

What is approx. shelf life of the 'Haringhata Meat Products?

Although it depends on several factors viz, storage Temperature, humidity, type of packaging, processing Temperature pH etc. However, generally it can be said that our products can be kept well up to 9 months at -18°C storage temperature.

Why Quail'meat /egg?
  • Quail meat contain very low amount of cholesterol while other constituents viz. protein, fat, iron, vitamin etc are comparable with other species meat. Hence it is recommended for people who want to maintain lower cholesterol level.
  • Quail egg contains a very special constituent 'Choline' which helps in brain development in child. Hence it is recommended for children and pregnant woman.
  • Why Duck Meat?

    Tasty due to higher fat content, but the fat is not absorbed in the body, because of its lower melting point. Hence does not cause obesity and keeps away cardiovascular diseases.

    Why Rabbit meat?

    Low in calorie, recommended for people want to lose weight.

    Almost cholesterol free white meat, hence recommended for heart patient or people who do not want to consume much cholesterol from dietary source.

    Sodium content is also less, recommended for patient of hypertension.

    Where is the nearest shop?

    From where you are calling from. If you can access our website www.wbldc.in you will find everything otherwise tell you the address & phone no.

    What is procedure of Dealership enlistment? Eligibility to get Dealership?

    Own/rental/lease outlet (80- 100 sq. Ft) in a prominent/market place for selling frozen items. Trade Licenses, FSSAI Licenses, PAN, VOTER ID, AADHAR etc. are required for Dealership eligibility. Non-refundable deposit: Gold Dealership@25000/- (320lt deep freezer, GSB, Leaflets etc), Silver Dealership: @5000/- own freezer (No Freezer, GSB from WBLDCL), Billing machine @1000/-, Security Deposit, Outlet's photo, One Rs. 10/- NJ Stamp Paper. Details are Provided in our website www.wbldc.in

    What are the Products a Haringhata Meat?

    Wide variety like Raw meat (Chicken, - boneless, drumsticks, keema, curry cut, wings, lollipop; pork-fresh, lean, keema, chop, fillet; chevon-goat; mutton-lamb; turkey, quail, duck; rabbit; vanaraja-deshi; cockerel etc); processed /VAP (chicken-nuggets, popcorns, cutlet, kabab, sausage, ham; pork-ham, bacon, sausage, salami); non-meat (Mustard Oil, ghee, honey, quail egg, normal egg ).

    Whether any payment have to make for product?

    Yes obviously, Advance Payment or Payment on Delivery through fund transfer.

    Product delivery?

    Corporation's responsibility as per norms on billing amount.

    Any new Dealership in the same area?

    It is decided by the WBLDCL authority.

    Return policy, shelf life?

    No return except manufacture defect, 9 months expiry if cold chain maintained properly.

    Any other guidance?

    Cooking instructions, proper thawing, promotional activity by this Corporation, 'eat meat not muscle'.

    Your meat products are of how many days old?

    As it is Hygienic & Frozen, expiry date is 9 months from Date of Manufacture. So, meat quality will be same up to expiry period.

    What about EPIC Feed Dealership?

    Five nos. of Plant Throughout West Bengal, (Kalyani, Salboni, Durgapur, Gazole, Siliguri).

    Procedure & Terms Conditions of EPIC Dealership?

    At Least one per Block Throughout West Bengal. Agreement @ 2000/- (Trade License, Application to be vetted by BLDO, BDO/Public Representative.

    Verities of Feed, MRP & Commission Structure?

    Cattle, Poultry, Fish & Others Enlisted commission Structure 10-12%.