National Livestock Mission (NLM)

This scheme aims to Entrepreneurship Development in small ruminant, poultry, pig and fodder section to increase per animal productivity through breed improvement, increase meat, egg, goat milk, wool, risk management through livestock insurance and capacity building of state functionaries and livestock owner through skill based training.

Under Entrepreneurship programme, there is provision for establishment of the following with forward and backward linkages

  • Parent Farm, Hatchery, Brooder-Cum-Mother unit with minimum 1000 LIT (LIT) parent layer and 100 cock in poultry
  • Sheep/Goat Breeding Unit with minimum 500 female + 25 male
  • Pig Breeder Farm cum fattening unit with minimum 100 sows + 10 boars and
  • Hay/silage/total mixed ration/fodder block making unit

To the entrepreneurs 50% of capital investment will be given as subsidy. The remaining will be in the form of bank loan. Subsidy admissible will be maximum Rs. 25 lakhs, 50 lakhs, 30 lakhs and 50 lakhs for poultry, sheep/goat, pig and feed and fodder units respectively.

Eligible Entities (Individuals, SHGs, FPOs, FCOs, JLGs and Section 8 Companies) will submit application through the NLM Portal Scheme guideline is available on