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Artificial Insemination Service


The expansion of AI Network is done to provide doorstep AI service to cover breedable bovine in the State. Artificial Insemination facility has been extended from 3699 numbers centre to 5743 between the periods 2001-02 to 2010-11. Gradually the Govt. Static Units have been decreased at Gram Panchayet Level due to retirement and death of Livestock Development Assistants. Simultaneously, the gap is being meet up through Pranibandhu of that vacant arrears.

Animal Health Service

Livestock can not perform well unless they are maintained in a good state of health. West Bengal has an excellent network of animal health infrastructure distributed up to the Gram Panchayet level. The Veterinary Polyclinic are using modern technology in the field of Bio-chemical analysis.The state Government has also taken up programmes to organize 1) Animal Health Camp in each GP and 2) Awarness cum Fertility Camp in each Block.To increase the breeding efficiency Fertility Camps are organized. These camps take care of Reproductive Disorders, Diseases of the animal under qualified Veterinarians. Particular attention is given to improve the Sexual Health in the animals and control their Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 1332 such was organized during 2010-11.