Development of Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) by ARD Department

In order to boost self-employment among rural households in a sustainable manner, the ARD Dept. has been extending services through new initiatives. As part of this mandate the ARD Dept. is actively considering, inter alia, development of farmer producer organisations (FPO) involving rural unorganized small and marginal goat farmers.

Goat husbandry based FPOs are likely to play important role to strengthen rural-economy as distribution of goat is more equitable compared to that of land. Marginal farm households own two-thirds of small ruminants (goat, sheep) against their share of 24% in land. Resource-poor rural households are familiar to rearing Black Bengal breed goat. It has high fecundity, enjoys perennial and steadily rising demand all across the State and neighbouring ones. Therefore goat husbandry has potential to offer viable self-employment opportunities to the small and marginal rural households of this State.

Through FPOs, critical services, e.g., goat health, reproduction, nutrition, housing, training, credit, insurance, monitoring and marketing may be made available at the village level. Continuous availability of such services will strengthen micro-level goat husbandry units. FPO-managed goat breeding units and increased awareness of the farmers are likely to play major role in conservation of the Black Bengal breed of goat.

FPOs are expected to play significant role in marketing of goat-meat directly to the consumers through static or mobile outlets.

The ARD Dept. has set target of developing 15 no. goat-husbandry based farmer producer organisations (FPO) in 15 blocks involving 4500 goat farmers @ 300 goat farmers per FPO.


The State Govt. has launched the scheme 'Utkarsh Bangla' for training and skilling interventions with a view to increase employment. ARD Dept. is actively participating in this programme. Till now, job-oriented training on commercial poultry farming is being imparted in Baruipur (45 ongoing) and Medinipur (58 ongoing). Self- employment oriented training will be imparted in all districts on dairying, goat husbandry, poultry farming and piggery.

FPO Report
Sl. Parameter Apr-22 May-22 Jun-22 Jul-22 Aug-22 Sep-22 Oct-22 Nov-22 Dec-22 Jan-23 Feb-23 Mar-23
1 No. of FPOs formed / adopted
2 Total number of goat farmers engaged?
3 No. of GFs having less than 3 does of 8 months or more age
4 No. of GFs having 3-5 does of 8 months or more age
5 No. of GFs having 5-7 does of 8 months or more age
6 No. of GFs having >7 does of 8 months or more age
7 No. of GFs reported goat infertility or other breeding related probles
8 No. of GF perform deworming
9 No. of GF performed PPR vaccination
10 No. of GF perform G Pox vaccination
11 No. of GF received medicine
12 No. of GF received 1st phase training
13 No. of GF received 2nd phase training
14 No. of GF received 3rd phase training
15 No. of GF possess fodder/ hydroponic plot
16 No. of GF using breding unit of FPO
17 No. of GF using spring balance (weighing)
18 No. of GF possess contact no. of goat meat retailer, caterar etc.
19 No. of GF experienced goat mortality in last month
20 No. of GF experienced breeding problems of does in last 1 year
21 No. of GF possess KCC-AH
22 No. of GF received loan under KCC-AH
23 No. of GFs insured their adult goats
24 No. of GF sold goats in last month
25 No. of GF sold goats worth Rs.
26 Nil
27 >0 to 2000
28 >2000 -5000
29 >5000
30 Report of no. of GF receivd timely by BLDO
31 Whether report of BLDO was timely received by the DD, ARD